International conference on organic and nanohybrid functional materials - ICON FM

What is ICON FM?

The ExCEED>Era Chair EU project has continued to reinforce individuals in a strong-spirit team, seed new cross-collaborations, and vastly support the ongoing ones for three years now – in terms of both scientific disciplines and worldwide geography. Bringing to reality the ‘Silesian Organic Electronics Valley’, inter alia by establishing Centre of Organic and Nanohybrid Electronics (CONE) at the Silesian University of Technology, ExCEED dares to set standards and look far into the future of the next generations. The fruitful interrelationships and mutual inspirations represent the heart of the project, not only between academia and industry, including the de novo formation of spin-offs and spin-outs, but also creatively influencing local and global politics.

Therefore, we organize International conference on organic and nanohybrid functional materials ICON FM conference to efficiently (and often impressively!) transform ideas into high-performance functionality.


Holiday Inn Gdańsk – City Center,
Chmielna 1, 80-750 Gdańsk


June 10 to 14, 2024

Interdisciplinary topics of the session

Encompassing the most broadly considered topic of ‘Materials of the Future’, we invite you to discuss all aspects of organic, inorganic, and pure-carbon (including flexible and wearable)

– electronics: OFETs, OLEDs, solar cells, supercapacitors, electrolytes, and

– thermodynamics: heat transfer (io)nanofluids, phase change materials, etc.

Let us electrify and warm up the future now.

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The organizer of the ICON FM conference is the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.



  • Foundation of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Support NANONET
  • Silesian Nano Cluster, Key National Cluster

Gdańsk, the pearl of Pomerania

A city with over 1,000 years of tradition, the maritime capital of Poland and one of the largest ports on the Baltic Sea.

It is a unique metropolis that has always been filled with the spirit of freedom and courage. The capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, which, together with Gdynia and Sopot, forms the Tricity, combining rich history and attractive modernity.

International conference on organic and nanohybrid functional materials, the conference will take place at the

Holiday Inn Gdańsk – City Center hotel

Chmielna 1, 80-750 Gdańsk

Attending the ICON FM Summit 2024 is an invaluable opportunity for professionals seeking to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge base. This conference offers a unique platform for gaining new experiences, exploring the latest advancements in technology, and fostering meaningful connections with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. By participating in this event, attendees can expect to immerse themselves in a dynamic environment that encourages learning, collaboration, and the exchange of innovative ideas, ultimately leading to personal and professional growth.

ExCEED: Creation and development of an ERA Chair and Centre of Excellence in Organic Electronics as a strategic point of development for science and innovation in the Silesian region and Poland

This conference is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº952008